About Us
Welcome to Buttercream Bliss Gourmet Cupcakes! My name is Kristen. Baking is my passion. It is definitely a form of art. I have been making cupcakes for years and bringing them to event after event. I have had several people tell me that they would love it if I opened up a cupcake bakery. While that is definitely a dream of mine, I'm not quite able to open a bakery right now on my own, especially with the economic situation we're in. But I am trying to get the start up costs together! Check out my campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/buttercreambliss
If you can't contribute, then please- Spread the word!

My husband, Jeremy has now joined Buttercream Bliss as my right hand man (and the most handsome bakery assistant I know!) We take custom cupcake orders, sell at events/markets, cater weddings, showers, birthdays, graduation parties, etc.!

We do more than just cupcakes, though! We do a variety of small desserts besides gourmet cupcakes, such as chocolate covered strawberries, mini pies, delicious cookies, cupcakes in a jar (excellent gifts), and other fun desserts and candies. We rent many cupcake/dessert stands and platters. We also make adorable diaper cakes, cards or invitations, gift baskets, and more! Contact us with any questions about what we offer.